Dungeon Craft: Build your own battle maps!

Created by 1985 Games

A book that has over 1,000 terrain pieces for you to use in Dungeons & Dragons.

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Q&A On how we can make a better product and what we should do next.
about 1 month ago – Sat, Jan 18, 2020 at 01:56:02 AM

Hello everyone!

This is Jeremiah the creative director and Dm for 1985 Games. I'm here making this update today because we've been working hard on a lot of projects, but we still have some decisions to make. Rather than just making them based on what we think is best, I figured we should just reach out to all of our awesome supporters and see what all of you think.

Below this is 4 questions that will help guide the current products we're working on and the future products we haven't quite started yet.

Thanks again for your support and I'm looking forward to hearing your answers!

Q.1) If we were to make battle maps that matched our game pieces, what style of map would you prefer?

A) An affordable Matte finish map that works with wet-erase, but would be less durable.


B) A more durable pressboard map that has a laminate coating, but would cost more.

Q.2) What Type of terrain would you want to see in the Future?

A) Jungle     B) Dessert     C) SteamPunk     D) Arctic.

Q.3) How do you feel about the way the terrain pieces are arranged on the page?

A) I want space between each terrain piece in case I mess up.


B) I want the pieces closer together so I don't have to cut as much.

Q.4) How do you feel about the Creatures pieces in the book?

A) I like them a lot.


B) I could do without.

Just a heads up about the Limited Edition Level Up D20
2 months ago – Sat, Dec 14, 2019 at 09:34:14 PM

Dear Backers,

So, all orders have been sent that are just Dungeon Craft Vol. 1 and all orders that opted for split-shipping. I just wanted to show all of you that got the D20, where it is in the packaging. We did not want the D20 to damage the book so we wrapped it in cardboard and used it as a filler for the book in the box. I have taken some pretty clear images on my phone for you to see where they are.

Please do not hand-shame me. I am working on them. ;)


Not every order is getting the D20. Just those of you who got it in your bundle.

Thanks for all the love and encouragement you all have been sending us. Hell & High Water is next, then who knows?  Well, we know....... More on that later.



Clarification on orders going out!
2 months ago – Tue, Dec 10, 2019 at 11:45:16 PM

Hello Everyone!

Fulfillment is in full swing. Many packages have left. I am getting a lot (like a lot) of emails with the same questions which means, I did not do a great job of communicating what is happening with fulfillment. That's my bad. So here is some more information ;)

The fulfillment process is not an instant process. We have to build out thousands of boxes and batch our shipments. This means orders will go out in waves. We have hired 7 people to help with fulfillment. The amount of orders is very intimidating. We hope to get the through this process this week.

This is only a small portion of packages going out

Now let's talk about what we are actually sending out. We are only fulfilling backer orders that were for just the single book of Dungeon Craft: Vol 1 and those who paid split-shipping. If you backed the reward with Hell & High Water and did not pay for split-shipping, your order will not be fulfilled until the books is ready to go (Feb/March time frame). 

It has been long days and still more to go

Lastly, We met a ton of you at PAX Unplugged! Thanks for coming out and supporting us at our first trade show. We received so much love it was humbling. We have heard all your requests and we are excited about future books!

As always, I am working very hard to make sure every single person is happy with our book and service. Reach out to me directly Josh@1985games.com if you need anything. I am getting a ton of emails but I will get back as quickly as I can.

Thanks for all your support and love.


On Its way!
2 months ago – Thu, Dec 05, 2019 at 11:22:14 PM

Quick Update,

We've been Packing nonstop for the last week trying to getting everything out before we head to Pax Unplugged tomorrow. Thankfully we're set up to keep packing through the weekend as a few members head off to Philadelphia for pax. With that being said dungeon craft will be in your hands soon.

Backer Kit Is Closed!
3 months ago – Sat, Nov 30, 2019 at 12:59:05 AM

Hey Everyone,

Just a quick warning. Our BackerKit is closed as of today, so if anyone needs to change their address you have 48 hours to do so before its too late. If you need to switch your adress you should have an email in your inbox tha will let you change it.