Dungeon Craft: Build your own battle maps!

Created by 1985 Games

A book that has over 1,000 terrain pieces for you to use in Dungeons & Dragons.

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The Final Stretch Goal!
27 days ago – Wed, Aug 21, 2019 at 04:04:45 PM


Before we talk about the final stretch goal, we need to thank every single one of you who have helped us to get to this point. Our dream is to make fun products like Dungeon Craft to enhance our TTRPG experience and yours. Our group has a basic principal that we aim to achieve daily. We want to make quality products at a quality price. There are way too many $50+ books out there and we feel that there should be an affordable alternative to those. All of you have made it possible for us to start this company in the right way. We will ship these books ASAP and we will make them the highest quality possible. We will be listening to all of you for advice and guidance so that in the future we improve our books and meet your high expectations. Thank you all for the tremendous support, This has been a truly humbling experience for all of us.

Josh, Jeremiah, Travis, Lenny, & Charles

Ok, Ok, OK, OK, OK.... Now about that mystery stretch goal. This final stretch goal will be the last one. It is more substantial and complicated than the others. We have been experimenting with this for a while and are very excited to share this with all of you. We are creating a multi-level wizard's tower for all of your party to explore, tear down, or potentially steal. 

We hope you are all excited about this last one. This one has been a lot of fun to experiment with and we can't wait for all of you to use it and share your insights with us.

Again, Thanks you!

1985 Games

Just blew past $130K- Ruined Buildings pack unlocked!
29 days ago – Mon, Aug 19, 2019 at 11:09:07 PM

Hey everyone! Wow, things are really heating up in the last few days of the campaign. We just blew right past 130K this morning!

That means all backers will also receive the Ruined Buildings pack! This will be an awesome set- it will include ruined variants of the buildings that appear in the main Dungeon Craft book. See below for example.

Thank you all for your support- have a great weekend everyone!

-Travis, illustrator of Dungeon Craft

This is getting ridiculous, you guys.
29 days ago – Mon, Aug 19, 2019 at 11:06:53 PM

...and by that I mean, all our backers are going to get a pretty incredible set, more so than we anticipated possible when we first started out.

As of now, all our incredible backers will get 5 out of 6 of our stretch goals, including the often-requested Cemetery pack! This was one of my favorites to draw... See below for the preview!

And as always, sincere gratitude for you all!

-Travis, Art Director and Illustrator of Dungeon Craft

PS, Only one left to go... the next one, I'm REALLY excited about ;)

$145K- Burning Buildings Stretch Goal UNLOCKED!
29 days ago – Mon, Aug 19, 2019 at 02:34:19 PM

OK everyone, things are really heating up! This morning we just passed $145K and counting- So all backers will receive the Burning Terrain pack!

You all are amazing and we are completely humbled by your support. Just a few days left... I can't wait to show you what the Mystery Stretch Goal is...

Let's keep up the momentum everyone, just a few days left... Thank you all!


30 days ago – Sun, Aug 18, 2019 at 11:47:48 PM


Thank you all so much. We are incredibly grateful for the support and love that we have received. Many conversations are happening to finalize the production of the books. We will have more news about that soon. Travis is working very hard on all the Hell and High Water artwork. We are gearing up to knock out some stretch goals, art will be shared soon.

We can't wait to get these books sent out to all of you and have our game pieces at your tables.

More to come very soon.

The team at Emerald City Comicon
The team at Emerald City Comicon